enny Chesney who is really good about annually issuing new CDs releases "Life on a Rock" Tuesday. It contains the current hit single, "Pirate Flag" which was such a hit on WBKR and more. Available at amazon.com, it is one of three new CDs out today.


Here's the song lineup:

1. Pirate Flag
2. When I See This Bar
3. Spread The Love (featuring The Wailers with Elan)
4. Lindy
5. Coconut Tree (with Willie Nelson)
6. It's That Time Of Day
7. Life On A Rock
8. Marley
9. Must Be Something I Missed
10. Happy On The Hey Now (A Song For Kristi)

Other releases include LeAnn Rimes - Spitfire (Curb) and Randy Rogers Band - Trouble (MCA Nashville)

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