I have been collecting movies since I could. By that I mean, when VCRs became affordable for everyone (remember when they were a thousand bucks WAAAYYY back in the day?), I started my collection.

Naturally, I switched to DVDs/BluRay when the format changed.

About a year ago, I began doing something that let me know WHEN it was time to take a movie to one of those buy/sell/trade places.

Before I'd go, I'd just stand there and look and try to determine which one or ones I could relinquish.

And then I thought of a simple trick. Why not take a piece of paper and write the viewing dates on it and slip it into the box?

If it's been a long enough time since I've seen it, it's probably off my radar and can be turned in for trade.

It's helped me "thin the herd" considerably.

Yeah, I know. There are probably many of you who don't even have a collection like that because of streaming and downloading. I get it. And that's another reason why my collection is smaller than it ever has been.

But sometimes, there's a movie I feel like watching that just isn't readily available on a streaming service or premium cable.

By the way, if you were wondering, the most popular movie in my collection--based on the number of dates on the slip of paper in the box--is The Fugitive starring Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones.

I meant to bring it with me and forgot. That first season of The Streets of San Francisco will have to suffice as an example.

(Yeah, I love old cop shows, too.)


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