Quick, where is the best place to get great photos in Gatlinburg? Is it over there? Maybe over THERE? It could be right HERE. Or...maybe it's up THERE.

We all know Gatlinburg and the Smoky Mountains rock autumn unlike any other town and region in the country (but I'm biased). But business really picks up during the holiday season.

When November rolls around in one of the nation's most popular tourist destinations, it's time turn all the lights on and welcome company.

And I don't just mean street lights. No, I'm talking about what I meant when I said, "maybe it's up THERE."

Lights Over Gatlinburg is set to return to compliment an already exciting holiday and Christmas adventure awaiting you and your family.

I have only ever been to the Smokies in the summer and fall, so I need to start practicing what I preach and get down there during the holiday season.

And when I do--like you, most likely--I'll hit that Gatlinburg Skylift Park and soak it all in like these next folks did.

Now, a little background...this video, from last year, was posted because they saw a bear from their gondola. But the VIEW is really the star here. Check it out:

Decorations, thousands of lights, the best possible views of Gatlinburg, which seems to know how to do EVERY holiday the right way.

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