When I was a kid, the Hadi Shrine Circus in Evansville was part of my family's Thanksgiving weekend tradition.  We would load up the car and head over to Roberts Stadium in Evansville.  While I was terrified of clowns and, more specifically, the Funsters, I loved loved loved going to the circus.  The trapeze.  The high wire act.  Any act that had monkeys or orangutans.  And, of course, the cotton candy!

To this day, I am still a fan of the circus.  As an adult, I have had the opportunity on several occasions to serve as Honorary Ringmaster for the Hadi Shrine Circus.  I've been able to welcome the crowd and stand in the middle of the floor of the arena and blow the official whistle to start the circus.  I cherished every single minute of it, including riding around with the Funsters in that clown car with the jacked-up hydraulics. If you've ever been to the circus in Evansville, you know exactly which car I am talking about, right?  The back end of that car bounces and up and down and routinely throws clowns of the back of it.  Like I said, when I was a kid, I was terrified of that thing.  As an adult, I was thrilled to ride shotgun in it.

Well, it's nearly time for the 87th Annual Hadi Shrine Circus.  It gets underway Thanksgiving Day at the Ford Center in downtown Evansville.  Here's a fun and impressive stat for you for some historical perspective.  The Hadi Shrine Circus dates all the way back to 1933!  Last year would have been the 87th installment, but COVID-19 forced its cancellation.  The 87th installment had to wait a year, but the wait is over!  The circus returns this year and the Hadi Shriners are thrilled to welcome folks back to "The Last Great American Circus!"

This year's lineup is awesome and features a few acts that have been featured on America's Got Talent on NBC.

This year's headliner is Bello Nock.  If you're an AGT fan, you will likely recognize this guy- his CRAZY hair and even CRAZIER stunts!

Bello's daughter, Annalise, is joining him this year as well.  She has been on AGT too.

And here's another fun act that's coming to town too.  The Pork Chop Revue, also seen on AGT, is a staple of the Kentucky State Fair.  I have seen them perform in Louisville many times.  Now, the pigs are gonna be celebrating Turkey Day in Evansville.

Here's a look at the full lineup of acts performing this year!

The Cast of the 87th Annual Hadi Shrine Circus

Here's a look at the featured acts lined up for the 87th Annual Hadi Shrine Circus at the Ford Center in Evansville!

If you'd like to get tickets to the 87th Annual Hadi Shrine Circus, CLICK HERE!  There are eight performances scheduled.


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