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An Epic Bohemian Rhapsody [Video]
Are you watching America's Got Talent: The Champions?  Last night, Cristina Ramos, who won Spain's Got Talent, showed up to compete here in the U.S.  And she absolutely stunned the crowd with her brilliant (and unexpectedly fiery) performance of Queen's "Bohemian Rh…
She took the country by storm with her amazing ventriloquist act on America's Got Talent, where she became the youngest winner of the competition. Now, Darci Lynne is bringing her friends to Nashville very soon!
AGT Auditions in Nashville
America's Got Talent is in the process of crowning a champion for this season.  But producers of the show are gearing up for next season as well.  In fact, they've released the list of cities where open call auditions will be held starting in November.  And two cities are ve…
AGT Singer's Powerful Story
Did you all see this America's Got Talent contestant?  Evie Clair shared an absolutely gut-wrenching story about her father's battle with colon cancer.  And, then, she sang . . . beautifully.  I was sobbing.  You will be too.
She's Got Talent [Video]
I am a huge fan of America's Got Talent.  And, last night, my jaw nearly hit the floor when I heard this young lady sing.  Angelica Hale is 9-years-old.  And, I will admit it.  I'm normally not a fan of small children singing.  But this little gal, who aspires to s…
I venture outdoors on a beautiful Memorial Day for Episode 3. Many of my recommendations go live Tuesday, so check out what's out there to watch now that summer is unofficially here.
She's Got Talent [Video]
Tonight, the champion of the latest season of America's Got Talent will be crowned.  And I have a hunch it's going to be Grace VanderWaal.  This 12-year-old is unbelievable talented.  She writes her songs (that are laced with incredibly smart and adult lyrics) and plays them…
This Gal's Got Talent [Video]
When I was 12-year-old I was hoping my grandmother wouldn't try to lance my zits in public. This 12-year-old clearly has higher aspirations.  Have you all seen Kadie Lynn?  She's THE country singer on the current season of America's Got Talent.  And her talent absolutel…
Chad's Worst Nightmare [Video]
Uh no!  Absolutely freaking not.  Ya'll know that I am terrified of clowns.  So, imagine my surprise (and Simon Cowell's) when a clown showed up to audition for the latest season of America's Got Talent.  And this clown, Richie the Barber Circus Clown, actually tattooed his clown face on!  Yes, it's…
This Is Her Fight Song [Video]
Did you happen to catch America's Got Talent last night?  I sat on my couch in tears when this happened.  Calysta Bevier, a cancer survivor in her teens, took the stage, shared the story of her battle with ovarian cancer, then fittingly belted out "Fight Song." …
The Bearded Lady [Video]
Scott Heierman's days of delivering pizzas are probably numbered.  The Lexington, Kentucky drag queen appeared on America's Got Talent last night and was absolutely hilarious.  Check out his unique . . . and fabulous . . . brand of stand-up comedy.
AGT Auditions In Nashville!
Know anyone with a crazy talent? Maybe YOU have always wanted to take a chance on your passion? Well, here's your chance! America's Got Talent is currently casting for their next season and Nashville is on their list of audition cities!

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