Last November, Puzzle Pieces Executive Director Amanda Owen and I took Jeff Rhinerson over the WEHT in Henderson so he could make his local television debut on Local Lifestyles with Ange Humphrey.  At the time, Jeff was thirty-something episodes into the run of his Live with Jeff Facebook series.  Well, to say he was completely enamored with the set at Eyewitness News is a total understatement.  In fact, during a commercial break, Jeff was intently surveying the studio, turned to Amanda and said, "Amanda, I need this!"  Little did Jeff know that his comment that day would inspire today- the day that Live with Jeff got its own official studio!

Here's today's big reveal of Jeff's brand new studio at the WBKR offices on Frederica Street!

Today, we were joined at WBKR by many of Jeff's previous guests, who were asked to come to WBKR to celebrate Jeff's milestone 50th episode.  Our big reveal was a surprise even to them.  We have kept this project under wraps for months and decided that Jeff's 50th episode was the perfect day for the big unveiling!

In addition to seeing his brand new studio for the first time, Jeff got a couple of more surprises too- including visits from Owensboro Mayor Tom Watson (who presented Jeff with a Mayor's Certificate of Appreciation)


And Ange Humphrey and Ron Rhodes, who were the guests for this 50th episode.


Plus, Jeff received news, courtesy of Amanda, that he is now going to be paid as contract labor for his work on Live with Jeff.  And Brad Youngman was on hand to make Jeffrey an Honorary Deputy Sheriff.

You can catch Live with Jeff, hosted weekly by Jeff Rhinerson, weekly on the Puzzle Pieces Facebook page.  New episodes air weekly at 1:30pm CST.