Election Day 2020 is in the books.  However, the complete results are not quite final yet.  Due to the fact that absentee votes were allowed to be postmarked today, there are still ballots left to be counted in important races here in Owensboro/Daviess County.  According to Daviess County Court Clerk, there are roughly 800 votes left to be added to the final tally.

However, results from in-person voting today have been counted as have the tabulations from early voting and absentee ballots that have already been received in the Daviess County Clerk's Office.  A whopping 63% of registered voters in Owensboro/Daviess County cast votes.

The Mayor's race is definitely in the books and Tom Watson will retain his seat.  His lead in the race is insurmountable.  Here are the current vote totals in that race.

**Tom Watson- 9684

Larry Conder-6931

Pam Smith-Wright- 5061

Dracin Williams-2178

Here are the current standings in the Owensboro City Commission race.

**Larry Maglinger- 8120 **Mayor Pro Tem**

**Mark Castlen- 8024

**Bob Glenn-8017

**Jeff Sanford-7001

Jay Velotta-5957

Debbie Fillman-5788

Gordy Wilcher-5721

Dale Taylor- 5406

Walter Lee-4450

Jared Revlett-3881

Michael Walker-3752

Deidre Carbon-3262

Deanna Endicott-Smith-2870

Joseph Martin-1078

Bill Moss-1075

Andy Gamblin-1023

The four Owensboro City Commissioners will be Larry Maglinger, Mark Castlen, Bob Glenn and Jeff Sanford..  Their lead in vote totals will not be affected by the remaining absentee ballots.

By the way, according to Leslie McCarty, the Clerk's Office hopes to have those votes counted and finalized by the weekend.

A couple of other races of note.  DJ Johnson (9434) defeated incumbent Jim Glenn (8087) in the race for 13th District House Seat. Those men have exchanged ownership of that seat the last three election cycles.

Misty Miller defeated J. Nick Payne in the race for District Judge 6th Judicial District 1st Division.  The votes in that race: Misty Miller 20,710 to Nick Payne 19,778.

Jeremy Edge, Melissa Decker and Leigh Rhoads Doyal won seats on the Owensboro Board of Education.

For the Board of Education Daviess County, Todd Anderson defeated Dianne Burns Mackey in the 3rd District Race. Frank Riney III defeated Sharon Castle in the 4th District Race and Dale Stewart was unopposed and won the 5th District race.

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