I'm no astronomer, but it seems we've been having a lot of really big moons in 2019. I love them. Bring me all the big moons you can.

Have you ever heard of a hunter's moon?

Neither have I. But I'm going to hope my camera will get a good shot of it when it rises into the night sky this weekend.

And specifically, this Sunday, October 13th.

According to SimpleMost.com, this month's full moon will occur at 5:08 Eastern/4:08 Central this Sunday afternoon, and is called a "hunter's moon" because it occurs nearest to the time when folks start to store meat for the winter.

The website says the moons were given names by Native Americans based on events that happened closest to the occurrence of the full moon.

Hence, September's moon, nearest the autumnal equinox, is called the Harvest Moon.

But the hunter's moon will be as bright as it will be because it will happen at sunset.

I did not know the reason full moons had the names they were given.

And now I do. And now you do, too.


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