It seems I see far more bad reviews of businesses online than I do good ones. Fair enough, I suppose, if they are legitimate and not merely vengeful.

This whole topic of rating everything has come up a few times from different sources over the last few weeks, so I thought I'd address it.

A Facebook friend of mine noted that he'd seen a review that said something to the effect that the consumer had a bad experience at a particular restaurant and, in the review, said, "Every other time I've been here, it's been great."

And, like my friend, I wondered why on Earth this person didn't post a good review about those many occasions that WERE satisfactory or maybe even excellent.

I have another friend who simply won't post bad reviews of businesses online. The logical thinking behind that decision is that maybe this person or that person had a bad day. Isolated incident. No point in trying to get someone in trouble.

A popular comedian reminisced about a time when, if you didn't like a certain business, you simply never returned.

And THAT was your review.

And what about reviews are simply subjective. Maybe the reviewer didn't like the place for specific reasons that others may not share.

The same goes for movies or television.

I've been told in the past that this movie or that movie is terrible and I shouldn't see it. Then I have and have enjoyed it.

Everybody is different.

It's why they make chocolate AND vanilla.

I'm not here to try and ruin someone's day just because they had a bad one.


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