The 2021 Olympic Games are coming up in July and I have an idea for a new Olympic sport.

By now, you've read the title of this post so you know what I am about to say. Professional wrestling should be an Olympic Sport. Before you start to roll your eyes and whatnot, let me make my argument.

Hear me out here...

Professional Wrestling is a pre-determined sport...not fake. I have been in the ring and have done the drills and what those men and women do in the ring feels pretty real. When you watch a match, you don't know the what the wrestlers will do in the match or what the outcome will be, even though they do. Let's take gymnastics and figure skating for example. Those athletes plan and choregraph their routine ahead of time. It's "predetermined" if you will. Those sports take an extreme amount of training, planning, and athletic ability. Wresting falls under that same category.

When you watch a gymnastics or figure skating event, the athletes go out there and preform their routine in front of a crowd and judges who have no idea what they are about to witness, but they are left in awe and amazed by these performances. Wresting could be handled in the same fashion.

So it would be just for WWE Superstars?

Now, when most people hear "professional wrestling" they automatically thing of the WWE and that's it. However, professional wrestling is a global phenomena. There are wrestlers and promotions all over the world from Japan and India, to the UK and Mexico, and everywhere in between. So getting enough countries to participate in professional wrestling as an Olympic sport won't be a problem.

Here's how it would work:

Take two of the best wrestlers (men's and women's divisions) from each country and put them in a match together. Those two wrestlers would be representing their country, much like couples figure skating. Have those two go out and put on a pure wrestling match that would be scored by judges based on things like technique, storytelling, execution, and more. The match with the highest score would take home the gold metal. It's a pretty simple concept that is used in several other Olympic sports, why couldn't it work for professional wrestling?

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Final thoughts...

I'm sure this idea will be met with a lot of criticism, but at the end of the day, professional wrestlers are some of the most gifted athletes in the world and they have been overlooked as such for years because of the stigma that comes with wrestling. They call it "fake", don't do that. That's the real "F-word". It's predetermined, or planned ahead, sure. But isn't a figure skating or gymnastics routine also planned out? That doesn't take anything away from their athletic ability, so why should it with professional wrestling?

Some call it a dance. They say that your opponent in professional wrestling is your dance partner. Those dance partners go out into the ring and create a "dance" that leave the audience in awe and amazed at what they just witnessed. Sounds a lot like a few Olympic sports we have already...

Wrestling Matches That Could Win A Gold Metal If Professional Wresting Were An Olympic Sport

I belelive that these are some of the best matches of all time. No gimmicks, just a good old fashioned match that told a great story and left the crowd in awe of what they just witnessed.

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