Back in the summer of 1975, my sister and I thought we were living high on the hog. It was because of an addition made to our biennial trek to Florida.

That year, the International Kiwanis Convention was held in Atlanta. Since Dad was a member and The Big Peach was on the way, we spent a few days there.

Our hotel was the Marriott and we were on the 14th floor. Also--and this has nothing to with the story, but it's a good example of irony--that was early in the life of HBO and our hotel had it for free so we watched The Towering Inferno. It never occurred to us that that MIGHT not be appropriate for viewing while staying in a high-rise hotel.

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Anyway, the convention was at the Omni Hotel downtown, just a block away from our digs. So we were there a lot that week. And did we ever think we were livin' right. A big beautiful skyscraping structure with a glass elevator (just like in The Towering Inferno--our family has such a dark sense of humor) and luxurious restaurants everywhere.

We were lovin' it.

In fact, every time I hear or see the name Omni, I'm reminded of that trip. And like that Marriott in which we stayed, there's an Omni Hotel in downtown Louisville with a rooftop swimming pool, and it's going to be open to the public this summer.

It's not free, of course, but there's always a charge for public swimming.

And, honestly, the rates for an entire day for adults and children are really reasonable considering the setting.

Cabanas for group rentals will also be made available, so if you're looking for a fun and unique and QUICK getaway this summer, this might be your answer.

Booking begins May 31st.

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[SOURCE: WDRB-Louisville]

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