For the purposes of this story, it might be best if you read it reeeeaaaaalllllly sloooooowly. You know, for the right effect.

I've always thought it wouldn't be that hard to have a sloth as a pet. They don't seem like they're prone to anger. Clearly, their reaction time is on the LOW end of the scale. And I'm guessing that if you made one of them very angry, you could outrun them with relative ease. But look at that face. They don't look very prone to anger, do they?

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And as far as having one as a pet is concerned, there are plenty of states that do allow it. And while Kentucky isn't among them on this list, I also could not find anything that said you COULDN'T have one in the Commonwealth. So if you REALLY want one, I'd ask. You might get lucky. And then you could re-enact this hilarious scene from Zootopia:

But until such time, maybe you'd enjoy hanging with the sloths at the Louisville Zoo. And this particular event has been a long time coming. Seriously.

It was in 2020 when the Louisville Zoo announced it would be selling tickets for its behind-the-scenes sloth experience, but that was put on hold until now. But by THAT I mean, tickets are going on SALE now. The event itself won't happen until mid to late 2022. All previous sessions are already sold out. It's a hot ticket.

But it sounds well worth the effort to get there and step into the shoes of Louisville Zoo staff members as you'll join them in learning about and then preparing sloth diets. You'll also get a photo op with the zoo's two-toe sloth, Sunni, AND get to see inside her indoor habitat, among other activities.

It sounds like a blast and it also sounds very educational. Kids of all ages will love it.

Speaking of which, six years old is the minimum age requirement.

It's finally going to happen, but not until 2022. But the time to plan your very own behind-the-scenes sloth experience at the Louisville Zoo is probably now.

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