Luke Bryan is always a proud papa and uncle, but on Sept. 25, he was positively beaming after he got a message saying his niece had won homecoming queen, while he was on stage. Bryan broke protocol mid-show to tell the audience in Raleigh, N.C., about the exciting news.

“I just found out that my niece, down in South Georgia, she just won homecoming queen,” Bryan says to the crowd excitedly, holding up his phone, but quickly gets distracted by someone else in the photo. "Now I don’t know who the hell that is kissin’ on her, but I don’t know about all that."

On second glance, the artist realized it was his nephew in the photo, so all was well.

“Oh, that’s Til! That’s my nephew kissin’ on her, good, alright. I thought I was gonna have to fly my a-- down to Georgia and get somethin’ straight,” Bryan joked.

The “Kick the Dust Up” singer then took the opportunity to ask the fans to give a heartfelt congratulations to Kris on video, which they did with enthusiasm. The adorable scene is a testament to Bryan’s commitment to his family, which has a complicated, tragic history. Bryan and his wife took in his nephew, Til, when the artist’s brother-in-law suddenly passed away last year, just seven years after Bryan’s sister passed away unexpectedly in 2007.

Bryan also has two children of his own, brothers Bo and Tate.

The Kick the Dust Up Tour continues, with openers Randy Houser and Dustin Lynch, through the end of October after Bryan plays a few dates on his Farm Tour.

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