When I was a kid, the Malco used to designate Tuesday nights at Bargain Night.  Do you all remember that?  My family and I used to go all the time.  I remember seeing Popeye, The Incredible Shrinking Woman, and Scanners (don't ask) on Bargain Nights!  LOL!  Well, guess what.  The Malco has a brand new money-saving version of Bargain Night!  Tuesdays are now Terrific Tuesdays and bargain prices are in effect for matinees and nighttime showings!


Terrific Tuesdays are underway now at the Malco Cinema 16 and prices are as follows:

Matinees- $5.50 for everyone

Night showings- $7.00 for adults; $5.50 for kids

As of now, Terrific Tuesday prices are in effect through the end of summer.  And, if you'd like to see what's showing at the Malco Cinema 16, CLICK HERE!

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