I just got back from vacation in the upper midwest. Part of the trip took place in Minneapolis, a city I'd never visited. I like it.

The people are really very laid back, and the city, itself, seemed easily navigable.

In addition to visiting Paisley Park Studios, where Prince spent most of his downtime and recorded most of his albums--alas, no photography allowed, so no pics--we went to world-famous Mall of America.

It is as enormous as you've heard.

The mall part looks like four full-sized malls stacked on top of each other.

In the center of it all, is the world's largest indoor amusement park. It's called Nickolodeon Universe.

Here's a sample:

There's also an AMAZING attraction called Fly Over America that gives you the full 360-plus treatment.

Dave Spencer
Dave Spencer

You really feel like you're flying over snowy mountains, the ocean, massive skylines.

Hard to explain and the pictures don't provide much detail about the experience, itself.

But I'll never forget it.


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