A charge of 2nd degree manslaughter has been brought in the bludgeoning death of an Owensboro man, according to a report from the Owensboro Police Department.

On the morning of March 4th, 59-year-old Jose Chavez was taken to Owensboro Health Regional Hospital. Chavez was bleeding after receiving a blow to the back of his head.

He'd been dropped off in the 3300 block of Wandering Lane.

An investigation led the OPD to 26-year-old Benjamin Lindsey, the individual who'd dropped Chavez off.

During questioning, Lindsey told police that Chavez had tried to pick a fight in front of a Crittenden Street residence. The ensuing altercation led to Chavez being struck on the head, according to Lindsey.

On Saturday, Jose Chavez succumbed to his injuries and Benjamin Lindsey has now been charged with 2nd degree manslaughter.

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