Kentucky fans who've been to their fair share of SEC Tournaments have told me that they always enjoyed it the most when it was held in the Georgia Dome in Atlanta.

Many of you have probably been there FOR that tournament. Or maybe you were there to watch an Atlanta Falcons game or either of the two Superbowls that were held there. (By the way, how'd you get THOSE tickets?)

I bet there were those of you saw Louisville win the 2013 National Championship in that building.

Maybe some of you were there for the 2008 SEC Tournament when a tornado came through Atlanta and damaged the dome, forcing the Kentucky game that was in progress to be stopped and finished the next day.

Well...THAT BUILDING is now a pile of rubble as it was imploded Monday morning after 25 years of business.

Considering how long SOME stadiums and arenas last, that doesn't seem like a long time at all.

Anyway, here's what it looks like when a massive sports arena--one where Kentucky won several SEC championships--goes down:



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