While there were a lot of tight races at the 2014 Oscars, Best Actor wasn't one of them. Matthew McConaughey, the odds-on favorite and Golden Globe winner, won the Best Actor Oscar for his performance in 'Dallas Buyers Club' and that's alright, alight, alright with us.

McConaughey beat out some pretty stiff competition including Chiwetel Ejiofor ('12 Years a Slave'), Leonardo DiCaprio ('The Wolf of Wall Street'), Bruce Dern ('Nebraska') and Christian Bale ('American Hustle'). This was McConaughey's first win and first ever nomination for an Oscar (though many felt he could've been nominated for his supporting role in 'Magic Mike' last year).

While McConaughey was considered the frontrunner, many felt that his performance on 'True Detective' and how that HBO series permeated the pop culture landscape, helped guarantee the win. Either way, McConaughey's career-changing performance in 'Dallas Buyers Club' truly deserves all the recognition and the 2014 Oscar for Best Actor.

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