Yesterday here at and our WBKR app, Barb Birgy shared the exciting news that Daviess County now has a new Noble Roman's Pizza location.  There's a blast from the past, right? Remember when Noble Roman's was in Wesleyan Park Plaza?  When I was a kid, that was one of my family's favorite places to eat.  The pizza was insanely good.

Well, you can get it and enjoy it again. Masonville Food Mart, out on Hwy 231, is now serving Noble Roman's.  When Barb broke the news on Facebook yesterday, a lot of folks commented, tagged their friends and shared the story.  That immediately got me thinking about another local pizza place that I used to love.

When I was in high school, Mazzio's Pizza opened a location on Parrish Avenue here in Owensboro.  Do you remember that?  My high school friends Allan, Jeri, Caroline, Jill and I used to eat there a lot.  We freaking loved it.

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I can't recall when Mazzio's closed in Owensboro.  I know it was a long time ago.  But, get this!  Mazzio's Pizza is alive and well in other states in the Midwest.  In fact, there 165 Mazzio's locations in ten different states.  Unfortunately, Kentucky's not on the list.  Neither is Indiana, for that matter.

But check this out.  I searched YouTube and found some recent commercials and I am CRAVING Mazzio's just like I did when I was a junior at Daviess County High School.

Does that look familiar?  Does that any of that ring a bell?  Does that make you slobber like a Saint Bernard?

By the way, fun fact.  Mazzio's was founded back in 1961 by a guy named Ken Selby.  Ken was a school teacher who opened a restaurant in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  It was originally called The Pizza Parlor.  That "parlor" eventually morphed into Mazzio's and the chain continues today.  The only problem?  You've got to road trip to get to one.

By looking at the interactive map of Mazzio's locations, it looks like the closest one is in Highland, Illinois.  I asked Siri and she says that's 192 miles away.  Hmmm.  I wonder if I can get an airline to Door Dash for me.


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