McDonald's old Dollar Menu--which featured eight items--saw its last days in 2014. Yes, it was limited, but it was also incredibly popular.

Well, get ready, thrifty Golden Arches fans, because an all-new "reinvented" Dollar Menu will make its debut in early 2018.

There will be more options on this menu, which will feature items that may also cost $2 or $3.

I think I'll call it a Value Menu.

My guess is that the menu will expand from those original eight items and will not only include versions of McDonald's most popular selections but will also include some of the fast food chains healthier options as well. And THOSE might be among its most popular, also.

So let's see what happens.

It was a huge money saver for folks on a budget and was sorely missed when it went away.

In early 2018, it's making a comeback...and hopefully a big one.




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