This guy is adorable and, the moment that I saw these photos of him on Facebook, I knew I had the share them with you.  This is Jack Jack.  He's my friend Meghan's 12-year-old rescue. As you can see from his recent photo shoot, he's quite the dapper little heartthrob (and he clearly knows it).

And there's no doubt that Jack Jack stole Meghan Schwartz's heart.  She adopted him in June of 2008.  She admits, "I fell in love because he gave me this look.  He instantly loved me!"  It's safe to say that Meghan instantly loved him back.

When he's not living the life of a supermodel and posing for centerfolds, Jack Jack spends his day playing catch.  As you can see in the tennis ball photo above, he's obsessed with them and, according to Meghan, has quite the collection.  He's also a "princess" who demands trips to the park and Rural King.  He also insists on having his  own pillow at night and snores louder than a human.

Meghan adds, "His favorite people are his mommy (me), his daddy (Cody) and his cat brother Mousey."   And Jack Jack's family members absolutely adore him (hence the recent, elaborate photo shoot with props and a couch and canine clothing).

Meghan says, "I have had Jack Jack all of my adult life.  He's the keeper of my secrets, the catcher of my tears and all my heart.  I am so thankful that I get to be his Fur Mama."

And we're grateful we get to share a  little bit of Jack Jack too.

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