Everyone, it's my pleasure to introduce you to Quinn, our SPARKY Pet of the Week here on WBKR.  Our friends at SPARKY guesstimate that Quinn is roughly eight-years-old.  It's possible he's a little older than that even.  He's a senior terrier mix who is looking for a very special forever home.

Quinn has a couple of medical issues that will require some extra attention and TLC.  When he came to the SPARKY program, he had a tumor.  The tumor was removed, but followup blood work revealed elevated liver enzymes.  He's on a daily supplement to regulate that.  Plus, he has been diagnosed with pancreatitis and has a special, low-fat diet.  As a matter of fact, Quinn cannot have regular dog treats.  But he LOVES raw carrots and apples.

Oh, and one other thing that gives Quinn extra character.  This guy is deaf.  Maybe not completely, but partially.  However, his hearing loss doesn't affect him much at all.  He loves to play with squeaky toys and chase a ball.  Plus, he loves going for walks and he's a champ on a leash.

Because Quinn is older, he does sometimes have bladder problems, especially when he's sleeping.  His current foster parent has had great success with a belly band.

This guy has a had a tough road, so we're really hoping someone special steps up to adopt him and give him the forever home he deserves.  If that's YOU, please visit sparkyrescue.com and complete the application.

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