I am so excited to be able to share this news today.  SPARKY, Saving Paws Animal Rescue of Kentucky, just purchased a brand new headquarters.

Until now, SPARKY has operated solely through a network of volunteers.  Those volunteers have essentially worked out of their homes, their cars- in any manner necessary to help find "furever" homes for the pets in their care.  Now, with the purchase of a building in the middle of town, SPARKY has a place to call its "furever" home.


The building is located at 1004 East 18th Street and SPARKY has big plans for the space.  It will be the official SPARKY headquarters and will offer office space, a central location for the collection of donations, adoptions and more.  Plus, it will allow SPARKY some much-needed event space.

After some necessary renovations at their new home, SPARKY will launch an innovative program called Sheltered Start.  That program is designed for pet owners who have pregnant dogs (or a recent litter) who want to surrender the pups and have the mother spayed "to ensure the health of all animals involved."

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Interested owners will be out to fill out an application on the SPARKY website to be considered for acceptance in the Sheltered Start program.  Those accepted will agree to surrender all puppies in the litter to SPARKY to be fully vetted and adopted. SPARKY will also schedule the mother to be spayed for FREE to ensure no future litters.

SPARKY is in its 15th year of operation and, here at WBKR, we are proud partners.  Each Thursday on our morning show, Angel and I feature a SPARKY Pet of the Week (now sponsored by Talk to Tyler- Tyler Shookman). As a matter of fact, three of those dogs now live with me and Kevin.  We have adopted three SPARKY pets- Yogi, Simon and, the latest, Fallon, who will be coming to the Benefield-Bowlds house after she graduates the Death Row Dogs program in November.







If you'd like more information about SPARKY and if you'd like to see the animals currently looking for their "furever" homes, you can CLICK HERE!


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