Meet Trigger!  This loveable toy Australian Shepherd has hit the big time on social media.  He just launched his very own Twitter account over the weekend.

Chris Conley & Trigger/Twitter

Trigger is owned by Daviess County resident Chris Conley, who says that Trigger is his four-legged storm chasing partner.  According to Chris, his pup's new Twitter account will show storm chasing "through a dog's eyes."

And there's no doubt that Trigger is up for the challenge.  He's already a pro at riding around in the car at variable speeds with his head hanging out of the window!

Chris (with @MeanMotionMedia) and Trigger are also working on a 20-minute weather episode for children.  In that video, Trigger will be used to help describe storm clouds and what they mean.  Plus, he'll be showing his fans what it's like to live life as a storm chasing/weather dog in the central plains of the United States.

Chris Conley

If you'd like to keep up with Trigger and see his coverage of incredible storm footage, you can follow him on Twitter by CLICKING HERE!

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