Jeremy Chappell is no stranger to owning his own business.  In fact, the Lewisport, Kentucky resident used to own Galaxy Pizza (delicious, by the way) and also owned Riverview (also delicious, but the star there, without a doubt, are the views of the Ohio River). But, recently, Jeremy made the decision to leave the restaurant business for a brand new enterprise.  On March 26th, all of his hard work, planning and dreaming paid off.  He opened The Midway Barber Shop in Hawesville.

In Jeremy's words, "I have two wonderful daughters, so I started considering careers that would have less moving parts than owning restaurants."  It just so happened that Jeremy chose to pursue barbering.  He admits, "Like most guys, (it) has always been an interesting field to me."  So, he chatted with his buddy Shaun Williams, who barbers at Headquarters here in Owensboro.  Then, during the pandemic year, he studied the craft and honed his skills at Barber College of South Central Kentucky in Bowling Green.  Finally, he set his sites on the old Midway garage across from Hancock County High School.

After an extensive renovation and a remarkable makeover, that old garage is now The Midway Barbershop!  Here's a look!

The Midway Barber Shop in Hawesville, Kentucky

Jeremy Chappell of Lewisport knows what it takes to make a dream a reality. After being interested in the field of barbering for years, he now owns his very own barber shop. It's The Midway Barber Shop in Hawesville!

Jeremy is calling this new business venture his "back 9 career."  And he's come up with a really fun slogan as he celebrates the grand opening of the shop.  Jeremy says he looks forward to serving the community and cleaning it one neck line at a time.

The Midway Barber Shop is open Mondays through Fridays 8am to 4pm and Saturdays from 9am to Noon.  With those hours, he'll have plenty of time to spend with Ella, who's in 6th grade, and Lola, who's 9-years-old and in the 3rd.

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