Bed & breakfast inns have come a long way over the years. Once, they were quaint, idyllic little places with four-poster beds, tea service in the lobby, and specialty breakfasts. While all that may still be true, the concept has exploded.

For one thing, Airbnb has revolutionized the entire industry. You could call it a different type of "cottage" industry if you don't mind getting your "dad joke" on. But not all bed & breakfasts are affiliated with Airbnb. And they are no less worth your while.

In Kentucky, you'll find specialty Airbnbs and bed & breakfasts everywhere. In Louisville, you'll find a brand new one inspired by the Commonwealth's historical relationship with gangsters of the 1920's, and, actually, ONE in particular.

Al Capone's Louisville History

Perhaps the most famous (infamous?) mobster of them all, Al Capone, is said to have spent many hours gambling and bootlegging at Louisville's iconic Seelbach Hotel. He also had a favorite room that could be accessed via secret passageways.

Well, BNB Louisville has leaned into that legend by opening Untouchable Louisville. Located at 1331 Bardstown Road, it features six bedrooms and sleeps 14. There's even a room with an Alcatraz theme. Capone was incarcerated there.

Legend also has it that Capone would USE those aforementioned secret passageways to make his way to the Highlands, where Untouchable is located. And it IS the perfect location. Bardstown Road is my favorite section of Louisville, and it just got even cooler.

Want to take a look around? Then check out the gallery below.

Untouchable Louisville -- a Mobster-Themed BNB

Gallery Credit: Dave Spencer

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