Have you seen this video?  It's an absolute riot.  Heather Brasington is a mom of five and the author of the Facebook blog series @FiveGirlsLater.  A few days ago, she released this parody of Deana Carter's song "Strawberry Wine."  We have a hunch that a lot of moms our there, who are quarantined with their kids who are out of school due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, will relate to this.  Heather locked herself in the bathroom to sing it.  LOL!

Heather just started her Five Girls Later Facebook page last Friday and is already filling it up with anecdotes from her perspectives as a stay-at-home mom, hilarious song parodies and videos featuring her daughters.

For instance, check out her just diabolical and tongue-scraping April Fool's Day prank.

And here's what happened!

If you want to follow Heather's Five Girls Later Facebook page, CLICK HERE!

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