COVID-19 has proven to be a figurative field of land mines for college athletics the last six months.

Different schools' football seasons started at different times. Entire conferences (PAC-12, Big Ten) didn't stray outside of their leagues. Ohio State won the Big Ten having only played six games.

College basketball's scheduling has been no less chaotic--the two teams that have been camped out at #'s 1 and 2 all season, Baylor and Gonzaga, were scheduled to play each other but COVID said no.

I followed college hoops religiously and am constantly checking the schedules to see which ones have been postponed or just outright cancelled.

Kentucky went on COVID pause last weekend and came out of it just in time to lose to Missouri and Tennessee.

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Louisville began the season 4-0 before hitting the brakes due to a positive COVID-19 test. Further COVID issues led to the postponement of a December 16th conference tilt against NC State.

Last week, the Cardinals were scheduled for a road game at Syracuse that was postponed due to COVID issues within the Louisville program. And now the virus has hit really close to home.

The University of Louisville has announced that head coach Chris Mack has tested positive for COVID-19.

Like so many, COVID issues have ravaged the Cardinals' schedule and, also like so many, they'll have to reschedule missed conference game--two last week against Syracuse and #9 Virginia, and two this week against Pittsburgh and 18th-ranked Virginia Tech.

Louisville is currently 11-4 and 6-3 in the ACC standings.


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