I am not sure why I am considering asking for this because I can barely make it through a full-length film now. If I go to a movie theatre that has recliners in it, I am doomed. More power to the people who roll up in the theatre in their pajamas and carrying blankets to wrap up in. For me, that's a recipe for disaster. I can fall asleep anywhere as it is. But, put me in a recliner in a dark room and I am routinely asleep before the trailers are over. I'm not kidding. Prime example? Barbie. I fell asleep about halfway through. I blame the recliner. Waitress: The Musical? I feel asleep before the end of Act One. Again? I blame the recliner.

Well, get this! MegaWorld Cinemas in the Philippines just teamed up with Tempur for the newest evolution in movie theatre comfort. They recently celebrated the grand opening of the Uptown Tempur Cinema in Manila. The theatre has BEDS in it! No, that's not a joke and this isn't a drill. The theatre has BEDS in it and moviegoers can sit up in the bed or even choose to lie down in it.

Here's one film buff's recent review of the experience!

Tempur, by the way, is one of the world's leading mattress brands. They're incredibly comfortable and make this whole movie-going experience very "high end."

When can we expect to see 'cinema beds' here in the United States and here in Kentucky? There's no way to know really, but MegaWorld has promised to continue its innovations designed to lure people back into movie theatres.

Hey! They had me at bed. Now, I will never make it through another movie again in my lifetime, but I will enjoy a heckuva nap trying.

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