The Kentucky Association Fairs and Horse Shows just shared some incredibly exciting news for contestants and fans of the county fair pageant system here in the state. They're proudly announcing the Mrs./Ms. Pageants for the 2024 country fair circuit and the winners will compete at the state level in January of 2025!


I spoke with Latasha Shemwell, who coordinates several pageants for the Daviess County Lions Club Fair and she says there will indeed be a local Mrs./Ms. Pageant here in Owensboro. She and fellow organizers are working to secure that date for the preliminary and will be announcing it in the next few weeks. The winner here in Daviess County will join other county fair winners at the Galt House in downtown Louisville early next year where they will compete for the state crown.

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The Mrs./Ms. news was shared by KFAS President M. Ryan Owens on social media yesterday as well as the Kentucky Association Fairs and Horse Shows official website. Latasha then shared this on social media as well- "Dust off those heels, Ladies! Preliminary information is coming soon." If initial response is any indication, the local pageant in Daviess County could be full of contestants.

Amy Sherman commented, "Let me gather myself and get ready!"

Andrea Denise Bolden quickly announced, "I'm THERE!"

Lindsey Oakley said, "Can't wait!"

The Kentucky Association Fairs and Horse Shows will add Mrs./Ms. to a list of pageants that already includes- Miss Kentucky County Fair, Miss Teen Kentucky County Fair, Miss Pre-Teen Kentucky County Fair and Little Miss & Mister.

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