We all have things we hate, right?  I mean, I shake like the New Madrid fault line everytime I see a snake, a clown or cottage cheese.  Dave Spencer trembles uncontrollably when he sees large rabbits.  Moon quakes in his pants at the thought of sobriety.  And Jaclyn gets nervous when she has to be on time for something.  Luckily for her, I guess, she never is.  But my poor dog Wilma is a basket-case.  She HATES taking a bath.  If she hears the water and sees me grab a towel, she completely freaks out.  She can shake and quake with the best of 'em.  But the real kicker is the hair dryer.  When she sees it, she won't even flinch.  She essentially plays DEAD!!  This is hilarious (and slightly pitiful)!