Okay, I was going through an old journal, and I discovered an entry where I wrote about my first semester living at WKU, specifically Bemis-Lawrence Hall. This Throwback Thursday is courtesy of the fall semester of 1994. 

Girls' Dormitory
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I am going to transcribe this and be aware, I have to redact or paraphrase a lot of it, because, well, it's me and I can get a little too, say, expressive at times with my writing.

"Random memory: When I arrived at WKU for my first semester, I had no roommate NOR air conditioning, a problem? Yes! My first week in Bemis-Lawrence was a hot one. My RA or Resident Assistant guaranteed someone would come come and fix it. I had band camp the week prior to classes starting; everyone else was either rushing (as in rushing to be in a sorority or fraternity) or just getting an early start on familiarizing themselves with the campus and other landmarks. I had a great start because my Dad had taken me to campus a lot (Class of '73), not just for ball games and he lived in Bemis when it was a boys' dorm...My floor, the top floor, at the dorm was full of some interesting characters. I don't think I'll ever be able to listen to Boyz II Men's "I'll Make Love to You" the same ever again. My neighbors blared it and Jimmy Buffett's "Why Don't We Get Drunk?" 24/7. There was vomit at least twice outside my door that first semester, those poor custodians! (One time, it was in one of the bathroom sinks, GROSS!) Oh there was the time when a girl on my floor screamed and ranted at the top of her lungs at 1:30 in the morning complaining about another bathroom issue. (REDACTED!) It prompted at 1:30 a.m. floor meeting the next day to discuss the matter." It was at this point in my journal when I went into a rant about American Idol, season five, so random.

When I finally got a roommate, after an "odd man out" situation, she NEVER went home and she had a bit of a gas situation, no, her name wasn't Chad. I was one of the "suitcase kids" meaning I went home just about every weekend, unless we had a home football game. Oh, yeah, I hauled my bass drum to and from my room and up and down the hill that first two months, thus I lost fifteen pounds rather than gained the traditional "Freshman Fifteen".

Any other freshman dorm war stories out there?

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