I've been staring at this screen for hours, having a hard time trying to figure out how to say what I need to say. But, I feel like I've always been honest with y'all and there's no reason to stop that now. My time here at WBKR is coming to an end.

Whew, that felt really weird to say out loud, but it is what it is. I have been with WBKR, in some capacity since 2008, when I got started alongside of Chad and Moon on The Morning Show. Then, after Carsyn was born, I took some time off, then took over the Midday Show. This station and all of you listeners mean so much to me and just because I'm leaving doesn't mean any of that will change.

Although I have pretty much cried at the thought of leaving every aspect of my friends here and this job, I am excited about what's ahead for me. Sometimes life gives you opportunities that you know will help you to grow and that you would be a fool not to accept that change. Change is sometimes scary, but can also be great. Also, don't pray asking God to show you direction in your life then get scared and surprised when he shows you where to turn, ha!

Don't get too sad or too excited just yet, you still have to put up with me for another week, ha! Thursday, June 30th will be my last day hosting the Midday Show, but I'll be joining Chad on the Morning Show Friday, July 1st for my last rant and final goodbyes.

I am proud to say that I will be joining the Greater Owensboro Chamber of Commerce as the Membership Development Manager. One thing I've learned from working here at the station is how incredible this community is. I am beyond excited that I'll still be seeing a lot of y'all out and about working for the Chamber and continuing to watch and help this great town grow.

With me leaving, that means someone has to take over my randomness, right?!? So, be on the lookout here on WBKR.com, because the search for my replacement must start now!

I already miss y'all and I'm not even gone yet, ha! Let's make the best out of this last week together!

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