My School Rules, the biggest school spirit contest in the tri-state is BACK for 2021 and we are so excited to announce that we've teamed up Robert John & Associates to grant the winning area school parent-teacher organization $1,000 to use on whatever they want!

One of the things that I've recently learned is that a school's PTO (or PTA) group does more than bake sales and meetings. Want new playground equipment? Ask the PTO. Need iPads? Yep, PTO. Think your school needs pretty landscaping, teacher appreciation events, and those fun family events that bring the community together? You got it - the PTO is the group that makes it ALL happen.

But guess what playgrounds, iPads, landscaping, teacher appreciation, and fun events need... Yep, $$! Every dollar is important and PTOs are incredibly important to a child's school experience.

Voting will be open on August 16th and run thru September 7th. Want to make sure you remember to vote? Download our app and sign up for app alerts and sign up for our newsletter!

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