The National Weather Service really gets my attention when they're comfortable enough making a severe weather prediction four days out.

They've done just that today.

While it's too far away to place Friday in one of the Service's five categories--Marginal, Slight, Enhanced, Moderate, High--it's map does indicate a 15% chance for severe weather.

What this means is that there is a 15% probability for severe thunderstorms within 25 miles of a point.

I don't know what that point IS, but you can see from the map that it's a pretty wide area of concern:

National Weather Service
National Weather Service

This has plenty of time to change, but the NWS is saying that should the event unfold, it will likely happen in the late Friday afternoon to late Friday night hours. And the models could change between now and then which would change the time of arrival. Damaging winds figure to be the main threat.

We will certainly keep you posted.

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