I read all the time about little tricks that can be used with bringing up shows and movies on Netflix, but I had no idea I and we the audience could request something for the service. I came up with four suggestions, I'll explain why later. Here we go!

Silver Spoons is my first choice. Don't ask me why, but I've had the theme song in my head the past couple of days. Yes, random, but this show was awesome! Little Ricky Schroder living in the coolest house ever, complete with a train that ran through the house. It's the first show I remember seeing where a kid had a race car bed.

It's one of my top 10 shows of all time, My So-Called Life. The short-lived ABC drama captured the high school scene in a whole new way. Well, and it updated it and it diversified it. I mean would Oscar winner Jared Leto even exist without this show? I'm going to lean towards no, but I figure he would have gotten his big break somewhere.

"Olivia Newton-John, the girl you loved in Grease!" I'm cracking up! The first movie suggestion that jumped to mind was Xanadu. Oh what a train wreck, but it also has some great music. And it's one of two movies I like that stars Michael Beck, the other being The Warriors which is also not streaming on Netflix right now; I need to go back and submit it!

Okay, so I thought I only had three suggestion slots available, but I realized I could go back and submit as many as I wanted. I only had one other at the front of my mind.

In all my years of streaming on any service, not ONE has ever had The Legend of Billie Jean and that has to end. "Fair is fair!" Two things: Helen Slater and Christian Slater are not related in real life and my high school drumline used Pat Benetar's "Invinicible" as an inspirational theme song.

Have something you want to see? Go HERE and request away!

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