I have been on lots of cruise ships and I have NEVER seen anything quite like this on any of them.  Carnival Cruise Line has announced that its new ship, the Mardi Gras, will feature an on-board roller coaster.  Check out their official sneak preview of BOLT!  This looks amazing.


According to Carnival, Mardi Gras will begin construction in 2020 and will be ready to set sail on 2022, the cruise line's 50th anniversary season.  The highlight of Mardi Gras will undoubtedly be BOLT: The Ultimate Sea Coaster.  It's the first-ever "roller coaster at sea" and will feature views 187 feet above sea level.  The track will be roughly 800 feet long and will the coaster will reach maximum speeds of 40mph.

The company says it will announce itinerary and port information for Mardi Gras next year.  Personally, I cannot wait!  I am ready to set sail on the Mardi Gras and buckle in to BOLT!

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