Okay, so last night I was all set to watch the season premiere of 'Dance Moms', however, I fell asleep and I missed the first half hour. I will usually set my DVR but I thought I would be wide awake, nope! I caught the last half and I had read about this new show, 'Kim of Queens, debuting after and I wasn't sure about it. Well, I'm here to tell you, it's worth your time, maybe.Basically, the show is about Georgia-based pageant coach and former Miss Georgia Kim Gravel and how she is transforming young girls into pageant winners and/or future leaders. Kim is assisted by her mother Jo and her diva younger sister Allisyn. I like to call this show sort of like 'Dance Moms' because Gravel has a set of clients she preps weekly for competitions, yet her personality is miles above Abby Lee Miller's. In other words, where Abby gets away with talking to her dancers like dirt, Kim is constructive in her criticism and her Southern charm and humor doesn't hurt either.

In the premiere episode, which you can watch right now here, Kim takes on a new client, Addison, who will remind you a little bit of Honey Boo Boo, only she's older. And by the way, the first question I had when I saw this show was, where was Kim when Honey Boo Boo needed help? They both live in Georgia. They both have wild personalities. Oh well. Addison says her talent is clogging and Kim utters these words, "my biggest pet peeve is clogging!" I was sold! In the pageant world, it's called "tap". Kim Gravel is one of a kind.

'Kim of Queens' airs Tuesday nights after 'Dance Moms' at 10 E/9 C on Lifetime.

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