I've seen the candy at Kroger. I've seen fall decorations at Walmart. And where HAVEN'T I seen pumpkin spice EVERYTHING? Yes, the runway is clear and we can talk about Halloween.

Do I love Halloween because of all the horror movies? No. The majority of them, sadly, aren't very good. Do I love it because we get to dress up? No. I have a hard time finding a costume that will fit. Do I love Halloween because of a combination of several things that create an extraordinary and unique vibe that can't be concocted? A resounding YES!

Halloween just creates a different mindset and I am always here for it. Why, folks hit the bricks intently searching for the perfect pumpkin the same way they shop for Christmas trees. And the decorating is equally as fun.

Philpot KY Will Soon Feature a Major 'Sasquash' Sighting

Pumpkin patches are the fall equivalent of Christmas tree farms, and there will soon be a new one in Daviess County. Get ready for a Bigfoot-inspired patch known as Sasquash Pumpkin Farm.

And while we'll have to wait until mid-September--tentatively--the folks at Sasquash have preparing for weeks now. For starters, Sasquash Pumpkin Farm has no intention of being just another pumpkin patch.

Those are beautiful. Honestly, I don't think I would carve them. In my opinion, those Fireball pumpkins are more appropriate for fall decorating. But hey, if you're creative enough and you already have an idea how to transform into a jack-o'-lantern, I'd like to see that creation.

And if you want an ENORMOUS Halloween decoration for the driveway, check out this monster.

Now, I'm REALLY jazzed for Halloween. I was already IN that frame of mind for autumn, but now I'm totally gone. Anyway, WELCOME to Daviess County, Sasquash; I dig your name.

Hmm, I'm really craving pumpkin pie right now. I wonder why.

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