I know the old song says, "These boots are made for walkin'," but there's no way in the world I would wear boots to BBQ and Barrels. Comfortable walking shoes will be the order of BOTH days this weekend.

Navigating BBQ and Barrels

And when it comes to BBQ and Barrels, you end up walking way more than you realize. If you don't time it right, you might have to walk the equivalent of the entire LENGTH of BBQ and Barrels just to get TO BBQ and Barrels. That could mean you'll be parking on the street. And THAT means you'll be on any street south of Third Street, which will be the northernmost street open to traffic this Friday evening and all day Saturday. Some may close even earlier; a portion of Second Street, for example, between Daviess and Clay Streets will close Thursday at 7 AM and not reopen until Sunday, May 12th at 7 AM.

The following map illustrates where you will and will not be able to drive for the majority of this weekend in downtown Owensboro:

BBQ and Barrels/Facebook
BBQ and Barrels/Facebook

As for parking, don't count on the garage across from the RiverPark Center, as the map explains. But the garage on Locust Street will be available for a $10 fee. You're also likely to find many businesses and organizations with lots open for parking, again for a fee. But that's the nature of the festival game. You pay to play.

In this case, you pay to play...and to eat amazing barbecue and to sip some mighty fine bourbon, if that's your thing.

I guess we're all set for BBQ and Barrels 2024.

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