I'm sure I wasn't alone in feeling sad, last year, when J.D's Diner on Breckenridge Street in Owensboro closed its doors a year ago.

That iconic eatery had so taken up residence in my brain cells that I almost called them to place an order three or four months after they had closed.

Well, it wasn't very long ago that I noticed something was happening in that wonderful old location next to Breckenridge Street United Methodist Church.

The building had been really spruced up and it looked to me like new owners were moving in. And I was right.

So a big welcome to Owensboro to Lizzie's Diner.

And so, yeah, it looks like Lizzie's will maintain the same type hours as J.D's, serving only breakfast and lunch, but that's always worked before.

Of course, you MUST be wondering about the menu:


And just like J.D's, Lizzie's will offer plate lunch specials--meat and three (one of history's greatest phrases). It appears as if they will post those plate lunch offerings daily, also just like J.D's.

This is great. I mean the fixtures were all still there. The kitchen was still there. And these folks just knew we were all waiting for something to reopen in that location.

I mean, let's face it, I HAVE to have my comfort food.

We wish the folks at Lizzie's Diner well as they begin a new journey in their lives.

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