Everybody loves a good scam, right?  No, no we do not.  Unfortunately, there are still people who try to get your money or personal information one way or another.  Here is another method you need to be aware of.

The Kentucky State Police are warning residents to be on the lookout for not one, but two different phone scams.  With the first one being someone claiming to be a representative from AT&T.  They are asking people to send $1,000 in way of eBay cards.  This in turn would get people a lower monthly payment on their cell phone bill.

The second scam to keep an eye out for is pretty similar.  The difference being the person calling is claiming to be from Amazon and requesting you send money in the form of Google Play cards.  There doesn’t seem to be an incentive added to sending Google Play cards.  You won’t receive a discount on an Amazon account or a percentage off your next purchase on the site.

You may wonder to yourself who would ever fall for something like this.  Well, unfortunately, it happens more often than not.  People claim to be from a legitimate organization to draw you in and get you to share an account’s information or worse, your social security number.  It’s important to keep in mind what they are asking for. Things like payment in the form of gift cards is a big red flag.

The Kentucky State Police encourage anyone who believes there is a possible scam happening to report it.  You can do that by calling 888-432-9257 or you can visit secure.kentucky.gov to fill out a complaint form.

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