With the new car wash and other potential businesses moving into the new structures in front of the Texas Gas Building, a new intersection will be in order.

The posts are already up and ready for the placement of traffic lights.

The necessity for these lights and the new intersection is real.

In fact, I can't think of any of the traffic lights, starting at the Tamarack intersection, that aren't necessary.

And, I guess that's just something we'll have to deal with.

Earlier today, I drove from Tamarack down the light at Home Depot.

It was a mere 1.3 miles. And in that 1.3 miles, I counted--including the new one that will activate soon--10 traffic lights.


That's one every 686.4 feet.

Dave Spencer
Dave Spencer

That's the thing about South Frederica. It's why I either avoid it or get to the businesses I need to visit the BACK way.

Fortunately, there are "back ways" for everything out there. And, I'm guessing, many of us will start to need them more frequently.

Again, these lighted intersections are necessary. I guess we can't help it if they are as close together as they are.

And it's not like we can have service roads on South Frederica like they have in Bowling Green for SUPER-BUSY Scottsville Road. We don't have any room.

But, yeah, soon there will be a lighted intersection just about every eighth of a mile.

I'll be interested to see where new traffic patterns develop on the strength of it.

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