Every era has its nickname--the industrial age, the electronic age--and I suppose we're living in the "digital age." But I also suppose we could break that down and have a sub-heading and call this the "social media age." With hundreds of millions of Earth dwellers attached to some sight in which they can network with anyone else, I don't see why not. But these social media sites are constantly updating, and sometimes at such a rapid rate that we can't keep up with them all. It's entirely possible many of us have made some information more available than we'd like it to be. What with Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Google, Yahoo, and many others plus more to come, I'm sure, it makes sense that it would be easy for certain pieces of info to get away from us without us even realizing it. Enter mypermissions.org. We're all so busy, so it's great that we now have a website that will help us shore up and clean up privacy settings on the many social networking sites on which we place a great portion of our personal lives. I, for one, got lost when the Facebook changes ramped up a few months ago. So I'm gonna check this out and see what it can do for me. I just hope I'm not alarmed at what I discover.