I'm a sucker for a live performer. I love it when new artists hit the road for radio tours and put WBKR on their lists of stops. This past Thursday, we had the great pleasure of welcoming brand new country artist Corey Wagar. She brought Ora the Photographer, Gordon the Guitarist, and her awesome vocal talent. And we were ready to jam!

In case you missed it, we learned that great country music CAN come from New Jersey. That's right, Corey is a Joisey Goil. In fact, she hails from Bruce Springsteen's old stomping grounds, Asbury Park. If he's "The Boss," then I dub Corey "The Boss Lady." She can flat-out bring it! And she can flat-out write 'em too. Her debut album is filled with original music she co-wrote with her very talented buddy Gordon Brown. What an incredible personality! I don't see how she's not gonna charm the pants off of every air personality she hangs with on her current radio tour. And, you know, I love this!. It's the type of grass roots thing you may remember from watching "Coal Miner's Daughter." That's right. No less a legend than Loretta Lynn herself got started by hittin' the road and bringin' her music to the very DJ's who would end up playing a LOT of Loretta Lynn music and making her not just a superstar, but a household name. Corey Wagar is simply the latest in a long line of new artists who recognize this practice as a vital tool in getting your name out there. We got nice comments on Facebook. We had great phone calls while she was here. And we all got to hear some great music. And, in case you missed it, here are Corey's live performances from within the WBKR studio Thursday afternoon. The songs are called "I Hate My Boyfriend" and "Hurricane"--her current single. Enjoy! And by the way, come back Corey! We miss you already!