This has been a very exciting year for a particular hometown boy from Caneyville, Kentucky in Grayson County.

First of all, it helps to understand how slowly hit country songs rise to the top of the charts these days, especially for a new artist. I say that because it has almost been a year since we heralded a HUGE jump by Caneyville native Elvie Shane on the Mediabase country airplay chart.

Well, eleven months later that debut hit, "My Boy," has made it into Billboard's top five on the country airplay chart AT No. 5 and the Mediabase country airplay chart at No. 3. The Billboard position won't be reflected until the next issue publishes. Mediabase doesn't have a chart publication.

We're thrilled to death for this tri-state native, who is the first artist from our immediate area to make the top five nationally since, probably, the Everly Brothers.

Naturally, Elvie is thrilled to death, too, as he indicates in this Facebook post from a couple of weeks back:

So it's time to celebrate and Caneyville is doing just that and it's happening this afternoon at 4 PM. During the big event, Elvie Shane will be presented with a key to the city. As the Caneyville Fair & Homecoming Facebook post says, "Caneyville welcomes 'Our Boy' Elvie Shane."

The homecoming will take place at the old Caneyville Community Center. Plus, there will be a meet and greet during which everyone will be asked to practice safe social distancing.

Before you go, check out this awesome performance from his Grand Ole Opry debut earlier this year:

You know, when I'm out doing live remote broadcasts or just live appearances, I like to ask what our listeners' favorite songs are at the moment. Lately, the overwhelming response has been Elvie's huge debut. And sometimes the nice comments about "My Boy" are unsolicited.

We're very proud of Elvie Shane and you can show how proud you are, too, this afternoon at 4 PM at the Caneyville Community Center.

Congratulations, Elvie.

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