Three years ago, the first inductees to the Owensboro Walk of Fame were unveiled on 2nd street. The Hayden Brothers were part of that initial class and for very good reason. They’re the pride of Owensboro and now we’ve lost one of our own and we mourn.

The Hayden family is a pillar of this community and today our thoughts and prayers are with them as the news broke that Nicky Hayden passed away earlier today. I couldn't believe it when the news came in as I hoped and prayed like much of the nation that he'd find a a way to pull through, but it wasn't to be.  If you'd like to pay your respects and visit the Hayden Brothers Owensboro Walk of Fame it's located on the corner of 2nd and St. Ann Street in Owensboro. The memorial is already starting to grow after the devastating news broke just a short time ago.

God Bless the Hayden family and friends, the Owensboro and racing community and all of his fans around the world.

Tuesday the memorial and well wishes grow to celebrate Nicky's life in Owensboro.

Barb Birgy via WBKR
Barb Birgy via WBKR

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