I have a confession to make. I am a whole hot mess when it comes to getting out of the house on time in the morning. Especially now that winter is upon us, the struggle begins before I even leave my warm comfy bed. Not only do I wake up during the week before 4 AM, It's SO hard to get out from under the covers when it is cold.

I go about my routine and it never fails, I forget something or lay my phone or keys down and have to hunt for where I put them. By the time I hustle out the door, I just have to hope and pray there is no ice on the windows of my big ole van AKA "The Party Barge." Because ya girl never gives herself enough time to do anything, but hop in, stop at the Dunkin' for my mobile order, and screech into the station parking lot on two wheels.

Lord knows I never give myself enough time in case I have to scrape my windshield. The other day we had an early cold spell and I was in such a hurry. I only had one glove in my coat pocket, and couldn't find my scraper, so I used a gift card from my wallet. It worked, but my hands were frozen by the time I was done!

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When I saw this genius hack for de-icing a vehicle on Facebook yesterday, I couldn't believe how simple it was! Why hadn't I thought of that before? All you need are two things that you most likely always have in your kitchen.


How to De-Ice Your Windshield Quickly With a Ziploc Bag

This trick would work quickest with a gallon-size Ziploc bag, but a sandwich size would work too. All you have to do is fill it halfway with hot water, make sure it is fully sealed, and take it outside to your vehicle. Holding it from the top of the bag, glide the bottom half along your frozen windshield. Within seconds, you can see the ice melt away.

For faster results, go ahead and turn on your car and crank up your defrost. That way once the hot water bag gets things going, the defrost will help it continue to melt and keep from freezing again.

This would also be great for frozen locks or door handles. Just hold the bag against whatever it is that is stuck, and voila! The ice will melt and you can get a move on.

This super simple hack will keep you from having to drive to work or school with a half-scraped windshield or freezing your fingers with a scraper. Are there any other hacks for iced-up windshields you can think of? Share them with us!


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