The COVID-19 pandemic has caused Nursing Home residents to be without one of the most important and needed weekly and in some cases daily necessities...HUMAN INTERACTION.

It is way too risky to expose their fragile lives even in the best health to this horrible virus.  Most nursing homes have completely shut out any allowance of visitors to family or friends.

Just as the rest of the world the Nursing Home Employees have had to come up with clever ways to brighten spirits and allow these sweet souls outside contact from inside.

Letter writing is a lost art in the world and yet one of the most familiar and love forms of communication for a lot of these people.  They are asking for people to become "Pen Pals" and send them mail.

THIS ONE IS MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE!  Hattie is quite the sassy gal.

Victorian Senior Care out of North Carolina has provided Facebook posts with their pictures and a little information about what they love in life.  Many have received mail already and their reactions are precious and priceless.

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