Corinne York
Corinne York
Sure there were fireworks on the 4th of July! Folks in Ohio County had even more reason to celebrate on Independence Day. For the first time in a decade, two of their local softball teams qualified for and headed off to the State Tournament!
Here's some video from the caravan yesterday morning.
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Corinne York, who is the Player Agent for the Ohio County Youth Softball Team and Team Manager for the 10U All Star Team, says, "This is the first time in ten years these girls have been given the opportunity to play in an All Star Tournament." That tournament is being held in Fern Creek/Louisville through July 7th!

Ohio County sent two teams of girls to compete- one 8U team (consisting of local 7 & 8-year-olds) and one 10U team (consisting of 9 & 10-year-old girls).

Corinne York
Corinne York

Corinne estimates that roughly 80 players, parents, and other family members made the trip yesterday morning. They'll serve as the fan base for the girls on both teams. She adds, "The girls will spend four days on the field fighting for the championship."

Seven teams total will be competing for the state title in the 8U division. There will be nine teams competing in the 10U division. Corinne says, "These young girls are strong, fierce athletes, who have dedicated numerous hours on the field to get this far and deserve all the recognition they can get!"

Here's a look at the rosters of both teams!

10U Roster:                                                                8U Roster:
Team Manager - Corinne York                                   Team Manager - Julian Phelps
Head Coach - Cody Burden                                       Head Coach - Colten Allen
Assistant Coach - Hunter York                                   Assistant Coach - Skye Black
Assistant Coach - Rebecca Cox                                Assistant Coach - Quintin Phelps
#13 Sophia York                                                          #6 Norah Phelps
#17 Emersyn Burden                                                   #10 MaKenna Allen
#14 Lilah Phelps                                                          #8 Eden Black
#99 "PG" Paisley Geary                                               #9 Blakeley Phelps
#15 Tynslee Lamar                                                      #35 Olivia Williams
#21 Gabby Gaddis                                                       #22 Fallon Tichenor
#33 Willow Baize                                                          #74 Addison Dockery
#1 Olivia Robinson                                                        #20 Kimmy Geary
#47 Danika Henderson                                                 #12 Aria Fulkerson
#7 MyKalinn Bishop                                                      #13 Sophie Baird
 #24 Mattie Hall                                                             #3 Mavilynn Geary
                                                                                     #77 Remi Crowe
Good luck to both teams!!

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